London O’Connor

London O’Connor is an American songwriter and producer.
His debut album, entitled O∆, was created entirely from his backpack while living between apartments in NY and is based on the suburban upbringing he fled in southern California.

Initially released on Soundcloud in 2015, the album garnered him international critical acclaim, which led to him traveling play shows the UK, France and New York (as part of MoMA’s PS1 concert series) and perform on BBC's Radio1 within months of its release.

London O’Connor’s work is acutely honest, inventive and spatial, ranging from expansive ambient renderings of his travels to more turbulent, focused pop statements about the unrest of domestic American life.
In partnership with True Panther, he re-released a remastered O∆ on February 17th 2017 and he continues to craft his highly anticipated second album. O∆ is available digitally and on vinyl/CD now.

Further information and live dates can be found on his social media sites and label site (Links to the left).

"As a lyricist, O’Connor is undeniably special. He has a knack not only for insightful rhymes but translating specific snapshots of his life to music in a way that recalls some of the best work by Odd Future MCs like Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator." - Drowned In Sound (2017)