Søren Juul

Søren Juul’s debut album 'Somewhere Else' - released under the unassuming alias of Indians - came out in 2013 and multiple tours of Europe and the States soon followed.

He even temporarily relocated from Copenhagen for stints in both New York and Portland. Just when things were calming down, he was invited to score a key scene in the hugely anticipated film adaptation of John Green’s cult novel, The Fault in Our Stars.

Now back home and with city life swapped for the calm of Svendborg (an ancient coastal town in Denmark’s South Eastern corner), Søren seems to have found the perfect balance. With a better studio at his disposal and a band to now call upon, he’s making music that’s a clear step-up in both scope and ambition.

Søren released his new album This Moment on 4AD on June 17th 2016. It's a deeply personal account of Juul’s life over a tumultuous three-year period. Recorded mainly in Copenhagen and finished in Los Angeles with producer and fellow Dane Peter Stengaard, This Moment is an uplifting and redemptive work. The immersive soundscapes of the songs reach heights that Juul’s work under Indians only hinted at.

Dear Child